Sunday, April 24, 2011

Achaius, Prince of Dalriada

aka Eochaius, Achaias or Achaisas,
Grandson of King Aedh Finn, warlord and sub-king of Dalriada (Kintyre)

According to legend, Achaius established an accord with Charlemagne of the Franks (and thus the origins of the "Auld Alliance") and commemorated the alliance by founding the Noble Order of the Thistle in 809 (See Ashley, p. 206 and Wikipedia "Order of the Thistle.")

Eldest Son of:

King Eochaid IV "The Poisonous" (ca. 755 - 805), r. King of Dalriada ca. 781 - 805?

Born: ca. 782

Married: ca. 805

Fergusia aka "Urgusia" dau of King Angus II of Dalriada (who reigned 821 - 834)

Died: Bef. 834


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