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Viviane del Acqs, Dynastic Queen of Avallon

Illustration: The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

Viviane del Acqs was a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea (St. James the Just) and the Dynastic Queens of Avallon, who descend from the Counts of Toulouse in Burgundy, France.

She was reportedly the wife of the great Druidic bard Taliesin, and the mother of Ygerne (Ygraine) of Arthurian legend.

See: Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Sir Laurence Gardner, p. 174 "Messianic Descent in Britain and Europe, 1st to 7th Century."

"This family was prominent in Aquitaine, an area with a name that also has its roots in acquae ("waters") or acqs, as indeed does the town name of Dax, west of Toulouse, which stems from d'Acqs. Here, Merovingian kingly branches that evolved from the Fisher Kings became Counts of Toulouse and Narbonne, also Princes of the Septimanian Midi (the territory between France and Spain).

"Another family branch, related through the female line, was granted the Celtic Church heritage of Avallon, with Viviane del Acqs acknowledged as the hereditary High Queen in the early 6th Century. Subsequently, in Brittany, a corresponding male branch of the Provencal House del Acqs became the Comtes (Counts) de Leon d'Acqs in descent from Viviane I's granddaughter Morgaine." (p. 112)

Regarding the legendary matrilineal descent of this line from Mary Magdalene, see:

Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci Code.

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Ygerna del Acqs

Illustration: The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon by Edward Burne-Jones

Ygraine was the daughter of:

Viviane del Acqs, Dynastic Queen of Avallon, and

Taliesin (500 - 540 A.D.) Archdruid and Prince Bard to King Urien of Rheged & Goure

Ygerna (Ygraine) was born before 540 A.D.

Ygerna Married (1) to Gwr-Llew, Dux Caruele, Warlord of Carlisle

by whom she had issue: Morgaine (Morgana le Fay) who married Urien of Rheged

Ygerna Married (2) Aidan mac Gabran, King of Dalriada, Pendragon and Guletic, d. 608

by whom she had issue:

(1) Arthuir mac Aidan, High King and Guletic, d. 603, who married Gwenhwyfar de Bretagne

(2) Eochaid Buide, King of Scots Dalriada who ruled 608 - 630,

ancestor of Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, who married 29 April 2011 Prince William Windsor

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King Arthur: The Scottish Legend

Above: Cover art from Sir Laurence Gardner's book Bloodline of the Holy Grail (Boston: Element Books, 2000), which provides a family tree for King Arthur on page 145.

One of the sons of the Scottish King Aidan of Dalriada was named Arthur (Arthuir Mac Aidan), and this Arthur is a strong candidate for the real King Arthur behind the ancient legend.

Traditionally, the Arthurian legends are divided among the Matter of Britain (Wales and Cornwall), and the Matter of France (Brittany and Acquitaine).

However, some revisionists have argued that there is such a thing as the Matter of Scotland -- a respectable body of sources pointing to Scotland as the birthplace of the real-life King Arthur.

Prince Arthur Mac Aidan stands high on their list of candidates for King Arthur for the following reasons:

  • His name is right

  • The time period (6th Century) is right

  • Arthuir MacAidan was a war lord who fought against Northumbrians and Picts

  • Arthuir is said to have used a Roman fort called Camelon near Falkirk

  • Arthuir had a sister called Morgan (like the legendary King Arthur)

  • Arthuir's brother was named Euwen (Owain)

  • Arthuir was a contemporary of Myrddin Wyllt, a mystic madman (model for Merlin)

  • Arthuir's father, Aidan, was buried on the Island of Iona

  • Arthuir himself was buried (582 A.D.) at a place called Invalone (Avalon?), an island near the river of Forth

  • Several local sites carry the name Arthur (Loch Arthur, bin Arthur, Arthur's seat)

  • The Kingdom of Strathclyde had close cultural and linguistic links to Wales

  • Refugees from Strathclyde may have carried their legends to Wales ca. 1000.


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Eochaid I "The Fair," King of Dalriada

aka Eochaid Buide ("The Yellow-Haired"), King of Picts and Dalriada, Eochu Buide, Eochaid mac Aidan, Eugene IV

In Gaelic, Eochaid = Euwen, Ewen, Owain

Son of: King Aidan mac Gabhran

Born: ca. 583

Christened: 605 A.D.

Married: Spouse and Year Unknown

Reigned: 608 - 629 A.D.

Died: 630 A.D.

Buried: Ilcomkill, Scotland

From Mike Ashley's Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens p. 199

"According to Admonan's Life of Columba, Columba identified Eochaid as the successor to Aedan mac Gabhran, even though he was one of Aedan's younger sons, recognizing that the elder sons would be killed in battle. This prophecy happened before the battle against the Maetae in around 590, at which time Eochaid was still young enough to sit on Columba's lap, which suggests he was probably born around the year 583 or 584."

Domnall "The Speckled," King of Dalriada

aka Domnall Brecc ("The Speckled") of Argyll, Domnal Brece, Donal Breacc, Donald IV

Son of:

King Eochaid Buide (Eugene IV)

Born: ca. 576

Marriage: Year and Spouse Unknown

Reigned: 629 - 642

Christened: 636

Battles: Victorious in 622 at the Battle of Cend Delgthen (east midlands of Ireland). Lost battles in 635, 637 (the Battle of Magrath) and 638.

Died: 642 A.D., killed at the Battle of Strathcarron, near Falkirk, by Owen map Bili.

Domangart II, King of Dalriada

aka Domangart mac Domnall, Domangart II of Argyll, King of Dalriada

Son of:

King Domnall Brecc ("The Speckled")

Born: Bef. 643

Married: Year and Spouse Unknown

Died: 673 A.D.

Eochaid II "Crooked Nose," King of Dalriada

aka Eochaid mac Domangairt, Eochaid Riannamail "Crooked Nose," Eugene V, Prince Findan or Findanus

Son of:

King Domangart II (? - 673), aka Domangart mac Domnaill

Born: Bef. 674

Married: Year and Spouse Unknown

Father of Eochaid mac Echdach, aka Eochaid III

Died: 697, murdered Ferchar's son Ainbcellach