Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eochaid I "The Fair," King of Dalriada

aka Eochaid Buide ("The Yellow-Haired"), King of Picts and Dalriada, Eochu Buide, Eochaid mac Aidan, Eugene IV

In Gaelic, Eochaid = Euwen, Ewen, Owain

Son of: King Aidan mac Gabhran

Born: ca. 583

Christened: 605 A.D.

Married: Spouse and Year Unknown

Reigned: 608 - 629 A.D.

Died: 630 A.D.

Buried: Ilcomkill, Scotland

From Mike Ashley's Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens p. 199

"According to Admonan's Life of Columba, Columba identified Eochaid as the successor to Aedan mac Gabhran, even though he was one of Aedan's younger sons, recognizing that the elder sons would be killed in battle. This prophecy happened before the battle against the Maetae in around 590, at which time Eochaid was still young enough to sit on Columba's lap, which suggests he was probably born around the year 583 or 584."